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Lupus Warrior, Sharon Harris, talks about the obstacles of having an incurable disease. While everyday can be a battle, Sharon is making a good fight with her organization - Lupus Detroit.


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Kamai Sanders

Lupus Detroit is indomitable, selfless and a source of benevolence. Lupus Detroit reminds me that I’m not alone and that there's emotional and social support. I’m no longer an outcast, I’m a part of a group of strong warriors. Lupus Detroit shows me love, compassion, and empathy. I feel like I finally belong to something!

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Andre Sanford

Lupus Detroit means the world to me and so many other people as well.
It's one of the most helpful and inspiring organizations I have experienced. Their effort and concern for the fight towards helping individuals with lupus or families with a member who suffers from lupus
is second to none.

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Shannon Ragland

I have been a member of my Lupus team for about 8 years. I haven't
really been involved until 2019. I had been sick a while so I couldn't use the computer a lot. Since I have been coming to the meetings my life has been changed. Sharon Harris has been a big inspiration to me by letting me know that I don't have to go through this alone, everyone in the group has been or going through and we can help each other make it through. This group means a lot to me and I love it.




Valaria Harris Carter

LaShawnda Wrice
Marketing and 
Social Media Manager

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